Minds Total Station MTS02

Minds Total Station MTS02
Ukuran (L x W x H/ cm)200 x 180 x 350 mm
Berat (kg)4.5 kg
WarnaHijau Putih

Angle accuracy: 2”/0.6 mgon  (ISO 17123-3)
30x magnification
Only Prism
Distance accuracy: (2mm + 2ppm) ISO 17123-4
Distance range: Up to 3000m to single prism 
Compensator: Dual axis
Dual-face displays with full numeric keyboard
Optical plummet
Coaxial red laser pointer
RS-232 serial port, Mini USB, SD Card, Bluetooth
Up to 15 hours rechargeable Li-Ion batteries
IP54 dust and water resist
Dual black and white LCD display
Full numeric keypad

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